Downtempo tracks from an uptempo Artist !!

Since 2005 Psygone has been doing what we today defines as old school Goa Trance. An act from the past will some say, but Psygone is still alive and upon many request this release is happening, targeting new and also old fans.

This EP is a collection of tracks with a chill out attitude and the title track “Surrender to the Source” is quite new and is how Psybient from Psygone sounds in 2014. Landscapes with trails of almost never-ending drones combined with the attitude that fans diggs so much – the beats and rhythmic moods.  The latest collaboration was a bit different as You would expect, together with Lyck who has the voice of an angel – be sure to give “Illuminate” a full listen.

Surrender to the Source is a collection of downtempo tracks from the Psygone catalogue , all re-mastered  and some refreshingly new.

RELEASE 09.06.14