“Break out of this Misery” is the first Song to be released from “Rampage Café”. The Project consists of 4 strong profiles, each with totally different approaches to the music, with elements arising from EDM, Hip Hop & Metal.

This Tune is a strong Lyrical story, about breaking the habit of being buried in a dead relationship.

Break out of this Misery
no matter how hard it seems
Break out of the misery
crash and burn this Legacy

Guitars are written and recorded in Boston USA by Henrock, this is also where he reside. Vocals are written by Lyck & Noble, and recorded in Denmark. The Music is composed, arranged & produced by Michael Kaye.

This is a unique collaboration across continents, bridging the Gap between Modern Rock´n´Roll and the EDM Scene.

Rampage Café is currently working on new songs, everyone with a strong attitude and melodic melodies.

Break out of this Misery is out now !!