New Artists and hot new Releases

Been a busy few months and a lot has happened.

The Grazehopp Music family is growing nice and smooth, and has just added a few more Artists to the Roster.

Patrick Mcbride is former frontman of the now discontinued rock band Hourcast, known for the awesome debut album “State of disgrace” of which Mike Billa wrote all the electronics for. From the same band hails the awesome guitar player “Henrock”, he is the guy responsible for all the guitar layers in Rampage Cafe.

Another exiting new Artist/project is “Zona Tranquila” which is also the first Chill/House project in the Grazehopp Music Family. The vocals are written by the insanely talented singer/songwriter E. Schack also known for his collaboration with Lyck on the single “Not Worth it”.

Crazy Eye Chiwi is also pending with the first album. After several years on the shelves around the world the little Chihuahua decided to spread some mojo and throw out all the tracks in one packed release. Containing tracks mainly focused on the “Breaks” genre and featuring Artists like Noble and Patrick Mcbride.

The next Rampage cafe single is ready for release and will come out on the 9th of june. The new single is a story about all the “monsters” surrounding some of us every day. Whois the Monster is written by Lyck and Noble and contains extreme intense lyrics – a tune that mind haunt you 🙂

Rhythm Killers released their – by fans and industry people – long awaited EP named “Pressure”. This is a fully packed banger blending genres like Reggae, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Hip Hop. The EP is well received and available on every online store around the world.

So while saying welcome to our new artists, you’re still welcome to send in YOUR unique tunes, no matter with genre as long as its unique with an edge.

Remember music are creating feelings and has no age or time, there´s something for every mood and your daily fix might just be here among our Artists – so dig in and njoy when using Spotify – all songs are  represented and FREE

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