Rampage Cafe – when EDM meets Hard Rock

“Break out of this Misery” is the first tune from “Rampage Cafe”.

This project consists of 4 strong profiles, each with totally different approaches to the music, with elements arising from EDM, Hip Hop & Metal. The first tune is a strong lyrical story, about breaking the habit of being locked and tied up in a cage.

Break out of this Misery – no matter how hard it seems
Break out of the misery – crash and burn this Legacy

This is also a unique collaboration across continents, bridging the Gap between Modern Rock´n´Roll and the EDM Scene. Rampage Café is currently working on new songs, everyone
with a strong attitude and emotional melodies.

Lyck is known for her uplifting voice and melodies on the EDM scene. With her beautiful voice and melodic writes, she continues to mesmerrize an exited audience. Pioneers such as Paul van Dyk & Armin van Buuren has shown some of her tunes great support.

Noble is an Artist from the traditional Hip Hop scene and grew up listening to Public Enemy, NWA, Tupac, etc. He is a former member of the UK Grime group “KIG Family” who had a big success back in 2009 with the track “Head Shoulders Knees N Toes”.

Henrock is a guitar player with attitude and known for his work with the American Rock band Hourcast. The band were touring with the biggest names in modern Rock – such as “30 Seconds to Mars”, “Breaking Benjamin”, “Volbeat” and many more.

Michael Kaye has quite an extensive background in electronic music, ranging from commercial eurodance, to techno & chill-out. He has been working on productions with “Avicii”, “Therese”, “Paul Kalkbrenner”, “Ida Corr”, and many more.

Rampage Cafe is
Lyck : Vocals | Noble : Rap | Henrock : Guitars | Michael Kaye : Electronica & Production

Artist : Rampage Cafe
Title : Break out of this Misery!
Label : Grazehopp Music!
Publisher : LiftedHouse / Reservoir Media!
Release : 17th of February – 2014

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