2015 means massive new releases

Welcome to a year with lots of exiting and new releases !!

Our awesome Artists are working on new stuff, while being inspired by the year they left behind. Look forward to tunes with attitude from Rampage Cafe, Octabeat, Brazed, Noble, Lyck and many more.

We will also begin releasing small cool “GrazeDrops” which will contain 4 or 5 DJ ready instrumental tracks each. The first one is “Juicy GrazeDrops” Vol. 1″ and will be packed with Funky House tunes. The 1st. release will be out this Spring, so be sure to check out this site  regular  or

Rampage Cafe are kicking out new stuff as well, their next single is “The Perfect Kill” and will also come out this Q1. Rampage Cafe are also planning an EP later this year, so make sure to follow them at or

Lyck is featured on massive tracks this year, and some of them with pretty big DJ´s. It has been almost a year since the last solo release from Lyck, so her new single is coming out this Spring as well, with a somewhat different sound from what to expect from her.

Brazed released their first songs back in 2008, but we managed to get our hand on the original mixes and is later this year releasing a completely remastered EP. So look out for the originals “Brazed”  the real Act behind this name goes far back in time. The EP remastered is OUT 23.02.15

New Artists are also joining the Grazehopp Music family within this Q1, so we are happy to see the interest and also very grateful for the insane support since we revamped Grazehopp Music.

So welcome to a new Year, new Tunes and new Artists, be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates !!

Thanks and Njoy