Send us your Beats !!
We are always interested in adding  new faces to the Grazehopp Family, and LOVE´s hearing new tunes – no matter the direction as long as its edgy and interesting. If you have stuff that you want to get out to the masses, then send us a message with a link to your best track or you can send as below.

Send it to us like this:

1. Fire up your browser and go to

2. Send us a MP3 to:

3. Name the message DEMO, so we know what it is.

Important :

No remixes, bootlegs or mash-ups – thes will get trashed right away.

Name your MP3 file with : Artist & Title

Provide us with all info like biog, social media, web site etc.

We listen to everything, but because of the huge amount of Tunes we receive, we only send answers to the ones we pick.