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Rampage Cafe

Rampage Cafe is founded in 2013 and consists of 4 strong profiles, each with totally different approaches to the project.

Isotobia is known for her uplifting voice and melodies on the EDM scene. Pioneers such as Paul van Dyk & Armin van Buuren has shown some of her tunes great support.

Patrick is from Kansas City and former front man in the metal band HourCast, here meeting Michael for the first time. The two immediately found kinship and shared a love for electronic music. That factor would weigh in heavily in HourCast’s debut record “State of Disgrace” which propelled them on nationwide tours with the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, Breaking Benjamin, Godsmack, Sevendust, Black Label Society and Volbeat.

Michael has quite an extensive background in electronic music, and has been working on productions with “Avicii”, “Therese”, “Hourcast”, “Paul Kalkbrenner”, “Ida Corr”, and many more.

Vocals : isotobia Forrest
Vocals : Patrick McBride
Music & Production : Michael Kjeldgaard

Special appearance :

Noble : Rap/Lyrics (on “Break out of this Misery”, “Whois the Monster” & “Bleed”)

Henrock : Guitars (on “Break out of this Misery”, “Whois the Monster” & “Bleed”)