Psygone | Grazehopp Music - Record Label - IDM - EDM - Denmark


While getting his first Label Deal in 1994, Psygone is still active. He has performed alongside with some of the biggest names on the Goa/Psy Scene.

In early 1994 Michael and Robert started another project together, heavily  inspired by the Asian culture and landscapes, hence the name Psygone (Saigon). The sound could be described as soft but energetic and the early works can be heard on compilations like “Goa Box” and “Close Encounters”. After meeting up with a Danish Party organizer with Roots in the Goa community, Michael felt even more inspired to take the sound to the next step, and as the only one creating the music in Psygone, Michael decided to go solo, but with an mutual interest  between him an Robert. After stopping as the 2nd person, Robert went down his own path DJíng and Mashing up beats in the genre better known as Dub.