The Story

Grazehopp Music is founded in 2010 by Producer & Composer Michael Kaye, and are working with a vast selection of Artists and Songwriters World Wide. In an industry where many genres tend to blend together or draw similar sounds from each other, the Grazehopp sound aims at blending genres.


Our Artists have one thing in common – they all write and compose interesting music, no matter if its Rock, Trance, House or Dance. Please check under “Artists” to see whois currently working with the Grazehopp Spirit.

  • Lyck
  • Rhythm Killers
  • Noble
  • Michael Kaye
  • Octabeat
  • Psygone
  • Rampage Café
  • Pern
  • Brazed

Our main philosophy is, “keep it fresh, unique, and interesting”.

Productions for Top Artists
Michael Kaye has worked with Top  Artists such as :

> Avicii (S)

> Ida Corr (DK)

> Lyck (DK)

> Paul Kalkbrenner (DE)

> Camille Jones (DK)

> Make the Girl Dance (FR)

> Me and My (ES/UK)

> Bassmonkeys (UK)

> Therese (UK)

> Guru Josh (ES)

> Hourcast (USA)

–  and many other dope Artists & Song writers around the the World